Remodeling Grand Open Celebration! Free “Sonny Angel Original Magnet”!

To celebrate the reopening of Sonny Angel’s online store, we are pleased to give our “Sonny Angel Original Magnet” as a present for online purchase over HK$200 (excluding tax and all other administration fees)

Sonny Angel sheep drawn on a delicate outline. It is like your gentle guardian angel! Decorate it as an interior and stay with the Sonny Angel at all times♪

【Attention】※Please read it before your order

※Please put “Sonny Angel Original Magnet” in your shopping cart after selecting items with the specified amount. Please be mindful that the gift will not automatically appear together with your products!

※ HK$200 or above (tax and all administration fees are not included). One gift for one purchase.

※Limited quantity. We apologize if they are all given out early!