SMISKI Toothbrush Stand

SMISKI Toothbrush Stand

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Tiny creatures that live in corners

Smiski are curious little creatures that love hiding in small spaces and corners of your room.

Although they like to stay hidden, you might discover one at night as they mysteriously glow in the dark.

It is interesting to see many types of Smiski, all with different personalities and characteristics.

However, just why they exist in the first place, nobody quite knows....

Toothbrush stand is 1.1times bigger than regular smiski figures.

SMISKI is working hard at home to hold your toothbrush with a small blue body ! Waiting for you come back home~!

◆Product Name : SMISKI ToothbrushStand
                  GR Protecting / OR Holding / VI Hugging / PK Carrying
◆Weight : Approx.58g(with Package)
◆Material : ATBC-PVC
◆Size : Approx. W34~40×H61~80/mm
◆Package : Approx. W53×H94×D50/mm
◆1 Box : HK$ 60

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SMISKI Sticker Ver.1
SMISKI Sticekr Ver.2


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