SMISKI Bobbing Head

SMISKI Bobbing Head

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New Release:SMISKI Bobbing Head

Watch you from your room or car dashboard, swaying and swaying happily.


Smiski Hugging Knees
SMISKI seemed to have a trace of sorrow:
What are you... looking at?

SMISKI Lotus Pose
Enjoy life ,Start yoga to relax~!

Smiski Looking Back
After being discovered by humans, the frightened SMISKI:

It is also recommended to display it side by side with SMISKI in the same pose or your favorite SMISKI figure.

When I get tired and come home, I suddenly see him healed during work from home or during housework.
Of course, like the mini figure, it glows gently in the dark.

◆ Product Name:SMISKI Bobbing Head
◆ Price:HK$120 3 Kinds
◆ Size:
               SMISKI Hugging Knees: Approx.W62×H62×D92 / mm
               SMISKI Looking Back : Approx.W80×H80×D108 / mm
               SMISKI Lotus Pose: Approx.W80×H80×D90 / mm
◆ Package Size:Approx.W80×H80×D115 / mm
◆ Weight:
               SMISKI Hugging Knees: Approx.140g
               SMISKI Looking Back : Approx.146g
               SMISKI Lotus Pose: Approx.138g
◆ Material:ATBC-PVC,ABS

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