SMISKI Bathball 1

SMISKI Bathball 1

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SMISKI Bathball 1


 【SMISKI Bath Ball 2】

Tiny creatures that live in corners
SMISKI Bathball 2 Now on Sale!


How to use

Step 1:Put the bath ball in warm water

Step 2:The warm water will turn to milky white with refreshing fragrance

Step 3:Little SMISKI will showing up

Product details

6 kinds+May contain Secret
One of these 6 figure is in this package randomly.
◆ Blind Box 1PCS:HKD 50
◆ Blind Box 24PCS: HKD 1200
*Please note that there is no guarantee of collecting the entire lineup even when purcashing 24 pieces all at once.
◆ Product Size:Approx.W50xH50/mm
◆ Package Size:Approx.W65×H80×D65
◆ Weight:Approx.75g(with figure)
◆ Material:ATBC-PVC

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