Rainbomb Mini Kids


Rainbomb Mini Kids

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The newest additions to our “Rainbomb” collection feature motifs that are very popular with children.

This new series features a duck, boat and frog; shapes that are often seen in children’s literature and toys.
These classic bath toy motifs are sure to bring joy to boys and girls! They are perfect gift items for birthdays or other special occasions.

When you float the rainbow bomb in the bathtub, the tablet melts and creates a beautiful rainbow. Each design theme – duck, boat and frog – creates a unique rainbow effect.

Over time, the rainbow colors will blend together and remain on the surface of the bath water. Rainbomb Minis will turn bath time into fun time for you and your child.

『Rainbomb Mini -Kids-』Line up:

Floating the duck creates a rainbow of warm hues.
Refreshing citrus fragrance and an orange hue remain.

Floating the boat creates a rainbow of refreshing colors.
Sweet soda fragrance and an emerald color remain.

Frog(Green apple)
Floating the frog creates a rainbow of bright colors. Fruity green apple fragrance and a green color remain.

【Product Specification】
◆Product weight:80g
◆Product size
Duck(Citrus):Approx.W73×H72×D22 /mm
Boat(Soda):Approx.W75×H64×D22 /mm
Frog(Green apple):Approx.W63×H68×D22 /mm

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