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Bath Powder for All Cat Servant | NEKOMOTE BATH BALL

Cat have many personalities, some are egotistic, some are naughty, Some are very kind and gentle…

Cat have they own style, not obedient as dog.

Actually, are you beginning to suspect that cat is the real owner !

Today you can to be a most popular cat servant!

Featuring the scent of Silvervine-used for centuries as health aid and as an alternative to catnip.

Pamper yourself and your cat may find you even more purrfect afterward.

A great gift for anyone who loves cats♪


18 October - 31 December 2021 23:59
Buy HK$100 or more NEKOMOTE bath products
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1. Bath powder is not use with cats.
2.  products contains catnip, silver vine scent.
3. We can't guarantee all cats loves the fragrance of products.

Product specifications

◆ Weight:Approx.80g
◆ Size:Approx.W52×H47×D48/mm
◆ Price:HK$40
◆ GiftBox:HK$130

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