Warming Posture Pal

Warming Posture Pal

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New Release:“Warming Posture Pal” that warms your tummy!

“Posture Pal”, a stuffed toy that supports good posture now has a warming type that adds comforting heat when and where needed. Posture Pals have become extremely popular world over with more than 100,000 units sold so far.

Not only does it promote good posture while working at your desk or studying, it is also useful when your room is cold or you are concerned about abdominal discomfort.

“Warming Posture Pal” warms your stomach gradually and gently, making your whole body feel better. Enjoy the warmth of your Posture Pal when you are working at your desk or anytime you are relaxing or feeling abdominal discomfort!

The “Warming Posture Pal” contains a bead bag that can be repeatedly heated in the microwave for quick relief. It is warm and fluffy to the touch, and will comfort you in the winter season and at all times when a little warmth is needed.

“Posture Pal” has the “Heart” to support you when you slouch. There is a heart-shaped cushion inside the stuffed toy, which provides firm support reducing fatigue while working or studying. The “Warming Posture Pal” is slightly larger than the original Posture Pal size but features the same soft fur and cuddle potential.

■Sloth Brown


Warming Posture Pal 比Posture L尺寸大一些,非常舒適,讓人忍不住想要抱住它。

■How to use

Remove the bead bag from the “Warming Posture Pal”.

Warm the bead bag in the microwave (500W for 30 seconds) and place it in the “Warming Posture Pal”.
*Comfortable warmth lasts for about 40 minutes.

【Product Specification】
◆ Sloth Brown:Approx. W180×H230×D180/mm Product weight:434g
◆ Tuxedo:Approx. W180×H270×D180/mm Product weight:437g
◆ 1PCS:HK$238

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