SMISKI Bath Goods Set


SMISKI Bath Goods Set

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SMISKI Bath Goods Set

Have a fun bath time with SMISKI!
This is a collection of the most popular bath items.

Set includes::

SMISKI Bathball Series 1
SMISKI Bathball Series 2
SMISKI Bath Series
SMISKI Toothbrush - Protecting -
SMISKI Rainbomb - Lounging -
SMISKI Eyemask
Each 1pc

Tiny creatures that live in corners
■ SMISKI BathBall 1&2

How to use

Step 1: Remove the transparent film of the bath bomb.Put the bath bomb gently into the bathtub.
Step 2: The bathbomb will disslove slowly producing bubbles.
Step 3: Smiski will appear from inside after the bathbomb is dissolved.

■SMISKI Bath Series

We found SMISKI living in the bathroom!
They hide in every corner, some are washing their hair, some are playing with ducks, and some are getting thinner already!
Anyway, SMISKI has a very fulfilling day~

■SMISKI Toothbrush - Protecting -

Toothbrush stand is 1.1times bigger than regular smiski figures.
SMISKI is working hard at home to hold your toothbrush with a small blue body ! Waiting for you come back home~!

Rainbomb SMISKI - Lounging -

Take a mystical journey with this Smiski Rainbomb!
As the smiski melts, it will fill your bathtub with rainbow colors and rainbow leads you into relaxation.

■SMISKI Eyemask

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