• 2023.08.01

Notice from Sonny Angel | Unauthorized purchases and illicit reselling

Thank you for shopping at the Sonny Angel Store. To ensure that shopping on our site is fair to all users, please review the following information.

■ We are strengthening measures to prevent bulk purchases and multiple purchases for the purpose of reselling

Our products, including “Sonny Angel," are loved domestically and internationally. Due to the popularity of our products, reselling activities have become more common recently. 
Products sold on our website(s) are intended for personal use. To ensure that they reach as many fans as possible, we strive to provide fair purchasing opportunities by implementing quantity restrictions and other measures. Please know that despite our best intentions and enforcement actions, some series may be available in limited quantities and may not be available for purchase after the initial number is sold out.
While our terms and conditions have always strictly prohibited the purchase of products for the purpose of reselling, we have observed an increasing number of activities that violate our terms of service, such as creating multiple accounts or using alternate names. 
Effective immediately, we will implement stricter enforcement measures to maintain a fair trading environment.

We will cancel orders and take actions that may include suspending or deleting accounts if we determine that users or orders placed:
・Exceed quantity limits within one account
・Own multiple accounts or duplicate addresses
・Fail to comply with quantity limits after being warned
・Are seen being use for resale on other platforms (online as well as in-store)

We kindly ask for your cooperation in prohibiting reselling activities, respecting fair trading, and ensuring that all customers have an equal opportunity to purchase our products. 
If any violations are discovered, we will take appropriate measures to maintain a fair trading.

■ Please be cautious of purchases from unauthorized retailers

Products are being sold on e-commerce sites such as Amazon.com (United States), Taobao, Shopee, and Lazada at prices that are sometimes more than twice the our suggested retail price (MSRP). Cases have been observed where our products are being sold on flea market apps, auction sites, and similar platforms.  

Many of these listings are from sellers who are not authorized by our company as official retailers. 
We cannot ascertain the origin of these products, the storage conditions of these products, if they have been tampered with, or if they are genuine and of high quality. 
Therefore, please be aware that we cannot provide support for any issues or defects resulting from purchases made from sources other than our authorized retailers.
We assume no responsibility, including after-sales service, for disputes between customers.  Please be cautious as counterfeit or imitation products may also be circulating in the market. The best way to avoid problems is to buy from authorized Sonny Angel retailers.


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